Kennett school board approves preliminary budget

KENNETT SQUARE — The Kennett Consolidated School Board approved its preliminary budget for the 2014-15 year with total estimated revenue of $75.5 million on Feb. 10, up from $73.1 million from the previous year.

The proposed budget will see an increase in property taxes of 2.65 percent from $51.6 million to $53 million. The increase originally started at 3.35 percent but has been worked down and the goal of the board is to get it down to 2.1 percent by the final budget in June.

The Public School Employee’s Retirement System (PSERS) continues its trend upwards, now at 21.4 percent, has increased the employee benefits budget by $1.3 million (9.2 percent). Total salaries for employees have increased $343,000 (1.18 percent) and includes three new teaching positions in the district.

Charter school tuition will also increase by $337,000.


The board will continue to discuss the budget until the final one is approved in June.

In other news at last week’s meeting, the the ice storm earlier in February proved to be very problematic for the Kennett district.

It caused power outages in Bancroft Elementary and Greenwood Elementary. With fear of pipes freezing, portable emergency generators were found for both.

Power was restored at both schools Feb. 7, but the incoming voltage was not correct going to Greenwood and the issue was fixed the following day, but the voltage coming in from the internal transformer was found to have been incorrect.

It is believed damage to the transformer or the cables feeding into it was caused from a power surge Wednesday when the power originally went down.

An operational problem concerning the generator at Greenwood caused the school to be closed Feb. 10.

The transformer was determined to be damaged beyond repair and a rental has been ordered for the school.

School directors also approved formation of a history club for students at their request.

Approved unanimously, the History Club will now allow the students to take trips to museums and historical societies along with their weekly meetings.

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