RSS Feed from The Southern Chester County Weeklies: The latest news from The Southern Chester County Weeklies: website: all stories The Southern Chester County Weeklies Sat, 01 Nov 2014 09:16:37 -0400 60 <![CDATA[Take the time to honor firefighters this week]]> When local firefighters stage activities for National Fire Prevention Week this week, they are following a tradition that began with commemorating one of the worst fire disasters of all time.

The Great Chicago Fire of 1871, in which hundreds of people were killed and thousands of buildings destroyed, is far removed from the smoke detector alerts and stop-drop-and-roll drills of today's fire prevention activities, but the focus is the same.

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<![CDATA[Warm apple pie or the complexities of farming?]]> For 90 years or so (we aren't sure about those war years) Unionville has held an annual farm show.

Early on it was a reflection of the culture of the community -- an actual demonstration by the boys in the agriculture class of their best corn (and there were a lot of those guys back then).

Through the years it has changed from the Farm Show to the Community Fair.

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<![CDATA[Paul Revere, where were you?]]> On Saturday, Sept. 13, when the residents of Kennett Square were about to brush their teeth and go to bed, a funny thing happened. There was no water.

According to some reports and gossip, a lot of folks wondered right off the bat if their most recent water bill payment checks had bounced or if something was wrong with the pipes leading into their houses.

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<![CDATA[Emergency notifications: No more government mandates!]]> Following an unprecedented water main break that left just about every household in Kennett Square without water last Sunday, residents are demanding emergency notifications be done in a better way.

Most residents of Kennett Square awoke Sunday morning to find little or no water pressure. Toilets wouldn't flush.

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<![CDATA[Festival benefits outlive the day]]> For several years now, there has been some criticism of the annual Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square -- or the fact that the town closes down for two days to make room for it.

Essentially, those who are unhappy with it have several complaints:

The first is that it prevents local shop owners from opening their stores to business, and they lose a day's profits.

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<![CDATA[Rescue crews demonstrated just how good they are]]> The tragedy at Anson B. Nixon Park last week when a young man drowned in a pond there cast an air of sadness in the community. But it also showed us just how professional and proficient our local emergency responders are in dealing with these types of situations.

Raziel Mireles, who had just started his senior year at Avon Grove High School, drowned shortly after trying to retrieve a soccer ball from the pond.

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