RSS Feed from The Southern Chester County Weeklies: The latest news from The Southern Chester County Weeklies: website: all stories The Southern Chester County Weeklies Mon, 26 Jan 2015 07:24:16 -0500 60 <![CDATA[A new ambulance for the Oxford Union Fire Company]]> OXFORD >> It always feels good to get a new car. The joy is even heightened when it's the fire company getting it, and the acquisition is a new ambulance.

On Jan. 5, the Oxford Union Fire Company EMS received a new Chevy 4500 PL Custom Medallion 170, similar to the one West Grove EMS bought in December.

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<![CDATA[New Garden man arrested for allegedly abusing young girl]]> NEW GARDEN >> A 32-year-old man is behind bars on $2 million cash bail after he was arrested for allegedly abusing a young girl over a five-year period, according to township police.

According to the New Garden Police Department, investigators were called to an area school on Jan. 7 after receiving reports of a sexual assault.

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<![CDATA[Pickleball blends sports to draw fans]]> A familiar sound echoes throughout the large gymnasium in the YMCA's Oscar Lasko Youth Program Center in West Chester -- the shuffling of sneakers against the shiny wooden floor. But it is there that the familiarity ends. Here there are white balls whizzing through the air over a low net, the definitive thwack of flat, square paddles connecting with the ball, forcing it to soar back through the air to the opposite side of the net.

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<![CDATA[West Grove gets a new ambulance]]> WEST GROVE >> On Monday, almost two weeks after Christmas, the new West Grove Fire Company ambulance was still wearing a red ribbon.

The 2014 Chevy 4500 PL Custom Medallion arrived in West Grove on the evening of Dec. 29, when the staff was on hand to greet it. The vehicle replaces the 2003 Lifeline ambulance, which was used as a trade-in and had more than 100,000 miles on it, according to EMS Manager Gary Vinnacombe, 32.

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<![CDATA[Downwind: Jamie Wyeth retrospective coming to Brandwyine River Museum of Art]]> The first major retrospective of the art of Jamie Wyeth will open at the Brandywine River Museum of Art on Jan. 17 and run through April 5. The show will feature more than 100 works and examines six decades of his work which pretty much covers his entire life as he was born in 1946. By beginning with his earliest drawings the evolution of his creative process may be studied.

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<![CDATA[From the Ground Up: Looking back and looking forward]]> This week we are well into the beginning of 2015. Before leaping ahead, I want to pause a moment in the doorway of this new year and look back to remember some of the people who made the past year special for me. It is such a privilege to be invited into someone's garden, and I am grateful to those who welcomed me so generously.

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<![CDATA[Great Outdoors: New Years resolutions and more]]> And there we have it, another year in the books.

I can't believe it. Did any of you go watch the big mushroom drop? I haven't done that yet, but it will be on my bucket list to do some day. For now, with two little kids, who am I kidding -- we don't stay up until midnight. It looks like a lot of fun though and I'm glad that our region has another fun thing to be known for.

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<![CDATA[Wyeth painting dedicated to Downingtown school]]> DOWNINGTOWN >> An Andrew Wyeth painting was dedicated Monday to East Ward Elementary School in honor of a student who died earlier this year from cancer.

Victoria Browning Wyeth, granddaughter of Andrew Wyeth, donated his autographed painting called "Snow Hill."

East Ward Principal Nicholas Argonish arranged for Victoria Wyeth to visit the school last year to tell students about her grandfather's artwork.

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<![CDATA[Reason for Kennett Square's success lies in the people]]> "We're a booming town and we're getting bigger and bigger. We're a happening town now."

Those words were spoken by Michael Uhle of Kennett Square, on New Year's Eve, about 15 minutes before the drop of a huge 500-pound stainless steel mushroom.

Uhle is right. While other small boroughs in Chester County and other counties throughout Pennsylvania struggle to remain vibrant, Kennett Square has found the formula.

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<![CDATA[Noted preservationist Nancy Mohr created recipe for old-fashioned family dinners]]> By Fran Maye @kennettpaper on Twitter

EAST MARLBOROUGH >> A woman who many say is the matriarch of open space preservation in Chester County has authored her sixth book, one that crafts stories around recipes, because she says too many families aren't eating family dinners together anymore.

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<![CDATA[The many Quaker Meetinghouses of Chester County]]> Religious persecution historically has caused millions of people around the world to seek a better, friendlier place to live. In the 17th century, there were many dissenters in Great Britain who disagreed with the policies of the Church of England. After having a vision in which he claimed to have experienced the presence of Jesus Christ, George Fox began preaching a direct involvement of each person with the deity, without the use of ordained clergy.

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<![CDATA[Chester County's first baby of 2015 is "an angel of the goddesses"]]> PAOLI >> Chester County's first baby of 2015 came into the world while people were still popping their champagne corks for the new year.

Ashvita, a name meaning "angel of the goddesses," was born to father Sandeep and mother Pramona at Paoli Hospital at 12:02 a.m.

Sandeep said their second daughter was about two weeks early, but nonetheless weighed a healthy 7.

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<![CDATA[My Two Cents: What happened to human innovation]]> An article in Aeon magazine asked the question: "Why has human progress ground to a halt? Yes we still are inventing things, but most are simply improvements of things already developed. For new technology, it is not at the pace of what they referred to as the golden era from 1945-1971. Those years just happen to be the New Deal years that FDR set in motion in 1932.

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<![CDATA[College Basketball: Pendelton's career night paces Lincoln]]> LOWER OXFORD >> In the past, Lincoln women's basketball team had stretches where they would build up momentum, only to find it snapped by a holiday hiatus.

On Tuesday afternoon the 2014 Lions' team avoided their seasonal blues when they knocked off Alderson Boaddus 71-61 at Manuel Rivero Hall.

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<![CDATA[From the Ground Up: Reflections on the gifts of every season]]> When I was a child, one of the things I looked forward to at the holidays was my father's annual reading of the story, "Christmas Every Day." Written in 1892 by William Dean Howell, the story tells of a young girl who asks her papa to tell her a story. In compliance, her father weaves a tale of a girl about his daughter's age who petitions the Christmas fairy to let it be Christmas every day.

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