REVIEW: Mary Poppins and friends fly high at Unionville High School

“Mary Poppins” showed lots of student talent at Unionville High School.
“Mary Poppins” showed lots of student talent at Unionville High School. Submitted illustration

Last weekend Unionville High School presented a beautiful production of the beloved story of Mary Poppins. With a very talented cast and all the bells and whistles of a modern stage set up, they not only flew the magical Mary Poppins but also two of her friends. Admittedly the two friends flew upside down, but what a fun experience.

When Poppins flew it was quite beautiful with a shadow silouette that was enchanting.

The cast was crowded with excellent singers and dancers with no weak links. Karalyn Joseph was the perfect British nanny performing the long difficult role like the professional she practically is, The big surprise was Adam Kimmel as the chimney Sweep Bert who has usually been playing violin in the orchestra pit. His acting and singing performances were so good he could be on Broadway.

There were other remarkable appearances. Harini Peri as the Bird Woman performed that lovely song to perfection. The Banks parents were excellent as Ethan Pan as Mr. Banks went through hard times and Dina Spyroppulos as Mrs. Banks developed the backbone to fight for her family. Kaeli Kamak-Loveless and Bobby Mozannui as the Banks children Jane and Michael were excellent, being well behaved or bratty as the situation warranted.


I particularly enjoyed the display of temper by Mary Poppins’ replacement and the shouting match between Mary Poppins and Mr. Banks. The childhood nanny Miss Andrews played beautifully by Annie Klimgenberg was also impressive.

The large group scenes and dances in the park are quite lovely and imaginative. With the different dances and the similar vintage clothing chosen by Costumer Marty Boent.

Kudos go to Music Director G. Scott Litzenberg, who kept the show at a lively pace. Vocal coach Yvette Stratton for her deft influence, and chorographer George Thompson, who planned the various dances.

It was wonderful show. I would suggest additional light on the bank scenes as the people were not very visible from the balcony. But that is a small criticism.