New Garden firing range close to opening

LANDENBERG With the new firing range for the New Garden police close to opening, supervisors gave permission to Kennett, Oxford and Parkesburg for their officers to also use it.

There was some concern from the crowd at a recent township meeting about liability since the range is located within New Garden.

The mutual agreement states that any municipality or individual using the range assumes the own risks. The township would have the primary obligation to ensure the range is safe.

Both an ordinance and the agreement were approved unanimously by the board.


Riparian buffers

The Brandywine Conservancy and Natural Lands Trust was the recent recipient of grant funds from the William Penn Foundation in order to work with municipalities in the Brandywine Christina Watershed to improve the protection of the riparian buffers.

The buffers are vegetated areas, usually forested, located near a stream or river that help shade the water and reduce pollution. Sometime in the near future, supervisors will be briefed on the research done.

The conservancy would like to provide an assessment of the ordinances compared with the new model they have developed and make some recommendations if needed.

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