Country Butcher gives Kennett its own burger

Photo by Candice Monhollan
The Country Butcher, owned by Dan Boxler, has come out with the new Kennett Square burger for the summer, adding to the store's already growing list of specialty items.
Photo by Candice Monhollan The Country Butcher, owned by Dan Boxler, has come out with the new Kennett Square burger for the summer, adding to the store's already growing list of specialty items.

The Country Butcher has been a staple in Kennett Square for the last 32 years and over that time, owner Dan Boxler has been trying to keep his store ahead of the curve through creativity with his team of employees to bring new creations of meat.

And for the summer months, it is, of course, the hamburger.

Boxler is offering six unique varieties of the cookout favorite, with the newest kind as a play on Kennett Square.

“We’ve always tried to come up with different ideas to keep people excited about what we do,” he said. “We have the newest one, the Kennett Square burger, that one of my employees came up with. We make a square burger for Kennett Square. We came up with a design and weight and it worked out perfect.”


In the Kennett Square burger, Boxler uses a special blend of meat - a brisket and sirloin combination - that you can only find in the store. It has been a hit so far among the community.

“Everybody likes it - the moisture, the taste and the texture,” Boxler said. “It was a perfect combination and the idea of the square just seemed to be a perfect fit. It has been a real good seller for us. It’s been a unique thing to do and we’re the only ones that do it.”

That’s the exact idea behind what Boxler wants out of his store: to be different than everyone else.

On top of that, the Country Butcher prides itself on using fresh, local products from Chester and Lanacaster counties.

“We make everything we can here out of our fresh ingredients.” Boxler said. “(The meats are) all prime, it’s all antibiotic free, no steroids. It’s a real good, high quality product that we use and it works out perfect for what we do.

“What’s nice is that we can control what’s being done with our products. Nobody touches anything but us. There’s no processed food sold here. We do our own work here.”

Some of that work includes the creation of 15 different types of sausages, four types of bacon, the unique burgers and even their own beef jerkey.

The other burgers the Country Butcher currently offers are the Black & Blue, where they put blue cheese in it and blackening seasoning on the outside; the Jalapeno Jack, which has jalapeno peppers and pepperjack cheese in it; the Gouda & Bacon, which features smoked gouda and bacon mixed in; the Godfather, which has pepperoni and provolone mixed in; and the Conquistador, which is manchego cheese and chorizo.

“Those are the most popular,” Boxler said. “They sell all summer long. People enjoy different things. It’s all made with the same quality ingredients as our Kennett Square burger. We use that special blend of brisket and sirloin, which gives the burger a real nice, moist, different flavor.”

Just because they created the Kennett Square burger to go along with the other five doesn’t mean they are done with new ideas for the summer.

In fact, they are already in the process of two new creations.

“We’re going to work on a new sausage this week, which we’re going to try to make sausage out of beef and it’s going to be like a Philadelphia cheesesteak sausage,” Boxler said. “We have a bacon in the process. It’s going to be a brown sugar and hickory kind of bacon. We don’t like to be stagnant. We’re always thinking of something different.”

All of it is just the beginning for the Country Butcher as they don’t plan to slow down with ideas to continue to draw people in.

“We work together all day long,” Boxler said. “We’re shoulder-to-shoulder for eight hours, so we’re always talking food. Everybody that works here is a foodie in their own way. We’re not afraid to try anything. Some of them never get out to the public because we just don’t like them. We keep tweaking as we go along and we’ve come across some really unique and different things that make us separate from everybody else.”

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