Galloway offers retirement severance

Errol Galloway
Errol Galloway

WEST GROVE -- Veteran borough Police Chief Errol Galloway has offered to retire pending a severance offer from Council.

“I’ve made and offer to work out a severance package for retirement, and my lawyer is talking to their lawyers,” he said.

Galloway, 61, has been with the West Grove police for 26 years and has spent 36 years in law enforcement.

He said his departure from the department is not pressing. “If we can work out a package, I can retire now. If not, I can continue on the job,” he said.


Galloway said the council members have been talking about saving money with the police department, and he said he felt he would be a logical person to cut rather than one of the younger members. “I can walk away with a pension,” he said.

Borough manager Sharon Nesbitt confirmed that negotiations are going on with lawyers from both sides, but there are no details available at this time. She said there may be an announcement at the Aug. 6 council meeting.

“Hopefully, everything will work out,” she said.

In other matters, Galloway said he is proud of the job his team is doing to keep drug traffic and crime down in the borough.

He said the current heroin epidemic in the region is rampant, keeping state police busy. He added that police are even finding it in cars during vehicle stops. It also is driving thefts by addicts who need to support their habits.

The recent round-up of higher level drug dealers in the area has deterred some of the local “wannabes.” He said as a result of the sweep, they are seeing the consequences of the lifestyle. He said things are relatively quiet in the borough, likely because of vigilance of his crew.

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