Obama is a Minor Leaguer compared to other presidents.

Thereís been a lot of noise during the past 6 years, especially on Fox News, talk radio, and TEA folks complaining about how many executive orders the Obama administration has issued during his terms as president. Speaker of the House John Boehner announced last week that heís filing a law suit against the Obama administration for its use of executive orders to change laws.

This seems like a foolish thing to do considering President Obama is a minor leaguer in comparison to the amount of executive orders heís issued when compared to any other president since the 1920ís. Here are the latest numbers of Obamaís executive orders, as of this writing, compared to the other presidents since 1920:

Obama = 182

G.W. Bush = 291

Clinton = 364

G.H.W.Bush = 166

Reagan = 381

Carter = 320


Ford = 169

Nixon = 346

Johnson = 325

Kennedy = 214

Eisenhower = 484

Truman = 907

Roosevelt = 3,522

Hoover = 968

Coolidge = 1,203

Is it just me or does this appear as one of those goofy things Republicans do to shoot themselves in the foot when they stand ready to sweep an election. Obamaís favorable polls are in the dumper, even with Democrats. Why stir up the loyal Democrat voters needlessly? Itís not like this will get Obama impeached, so why cause this fuss so close to the fall election and possibly energize the Democrat base?

The answer may be that the Speaker of the House faces a tough primary challenge at home this time as there are two other Republicans vying for his House seat.

TEA party money is being pumped into that race to help unseat Boehner. So Speaker Boehner has decided to put his career ahead of his party and possibly the nationís best interest by launching a tax payer funded lawsuit against the Obama Administration. I believe heís doing this to try to prove to the TEA voters in Ohio that heís one of them.

This is the kind of crap that hurts both the GOP and the TEA party. They preach against government wasteful spending, but then turn around and do things that waste tax payer money. For example: Last fall Ted Cruz cost the taxpayer $2 billion shutting down the federal government.

This stunt didnít accomplished anything other than throwing away two billion taxpayer dollars and angering many Americans.

Now Boehner wants to throw more taxpayer money down the drain for a law suit that seems frivolous given the low amount of EOís Obama has ordered versus almost every other President since 1920.

What will this accomplish other than to anger the Democratic voters and get them to turn out in November to vote against any and all Republican candidates.

This bone headed stunt by Boehner may cause the voting public to get so fed up with the TEA / GOP members of Congress that the anticipated election sweep by the Republicans may be short circuited, thus giving the control of the House to the Democrats. Obama is a lame duck, his second term is basically over as long as the GOP keeps control of the House.

If the Democrats gain the House, then Obamaís agenda has got a new lease on life. I think someone in the Republican party needs to set the Speaker of the House down and set him straight on the facts of life before he sabotages the fall election.

Mike Cannatelli lives in suburban Wilmington with his wife. He repairs electronic instrumentation the food industry uses to detect bacteria in food. He plays supper club music on the piano and is a voracious reader who is a registered Independent voter.