Sun reporter publishes a book on Alzheimer's dementia

Marcella Peyrre-Ferry
Marcella Peyrre-Ferry

Staff report

Avon Grove Sun reporter Marcella Peyre-Ferry has published her first book, and it is for sale on sale at Amazon.

According to the back leaf of the book, Peyre-Ferry is familiar to newspaper readers in Chester and Lancaster Counties for local news coverage and feature stories. In her first book, “Getting Past the Guilt - When a Loved One Has Alzheimer’s Dementia,” she recounts her personal experiences as her father, her aunt, and then her mother were afflicted with dementia.

When a loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, you may feel that you have lost them, even though they are still physically healthy. The person you know and care for is slipping away day by day leaving you to deal with a turmoil of emotions. In Getting Past the Guilt, Peyre-Ferry exposes some of the common myths and misconceptions people struggle with when someone close to them is suffering from dementia.

The most monumental decision to be made is placement of a loved one in a nursing home. While often necessary from health and safety standpoint, it is a decision that can generate overwhelming emotions in the caregiver.


By writing this book and sharing her experiences, she hopes to make it easier for others who are also going through this difficult stage of their lives. The book will be useful for caretakers, family members, medical professionals, and social services workers dealing with Alzheimer’s patients. It will prove valuable for those who are dealing with “best care” issues and struggling with the guilt of difficult decisions.

Peyre-Ferry is a regular contributor additionally to the Daily Local News and other papers.

Getting Past the Guilt - When a Loved One Has Alzheimer’s Dementia - is now available on Createspace and in paperback and on Kindle. Peyre-Ferry is available for interviews by contacting her at or 610-932-8133