Girls Scouts contribute to AG Library

Photo by Chris Barber Girl Scout Troop 41163 of West Grove was honored by the Avon Grove Library Trustees last week after the girls gave $100 to the library for supplies for the summer kids’ programs. From left are Lara McKinnon, Elise Miller, Chirldren’s Librarian Carol Vinciguerra, Isabel Foley, Katie Groft and Library Board of Trustees President Mark Ungemach.

WEST GROVE -- The Trustees of the Avon Grove Library gave a big thank you to the Cadets in Girl Scout Troop 41163 last Wednesday. The girls gave $100 of the money they raised from this year’s cookie sale to the library to buy craft supplies for the summer program.

Trustees President Mark Ungemach expressed thanks on behalf of the board.

He told them that the programs they are supporting “leave so many young people feeling excited about learning and exploration. You have played an important role in making that happen, in supporting the mission of the library.

He went on to say, “The most revered leaders throughout history on this planet have been thoe who see opportunities to give back to their communities, who find a cause that has not been addressed, and attempt to find solutions.”


Children’s librarian Carol Vinciguerra said she was particularly grateful because she was down to one bottle of paint for crafts.

Scout Lara McKinnon, who helps out in the library, said she uses it as a special community service project.

The girls also collect food for the local food bank and nursing home. They also make bags of snacks for people who are staying at the Ronald McDonald House to be with their sick children.

The girls are members of a Cadet troop, which is designated for sixth through eighth grades. The other levels are Daisy (kindergarten and first), Brownies (second and third), Juniors (fourth and five), and Seniors (ninth through 12th grades.)

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