W.G. Fire Company antiquegoes to national conference

Courtesy photo West Grove Fire Company member Bill Wohl sits on the front seat of Elsie as she is unpacked for the convention.
Photo by Bill Wohl Elsie sits in the area of the Hale fire truck company display in Indianapolis.

The West Grove Fire Company’s antique fire truck, known as “Elsie,” was in Indianapolis last week at the world’s largest fire and emergency services expo -- the FDIC, the Fire Department Instructors Conference.

Antique 22 served as the centerpiece of the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Hale Corporation, the truck’s manufacturer in 1928. Hale requested the West Grove Fire Company provide Antique 22 when the company learned of the fire companies restoration.

The antique truck was transported 650 miles by specialty carrier to the convention center, where nearly it will be displayed among nearly 100 brand new fire trucks and emergency vehicles amid nearly 750,000 square feet of exhibitions and hundreds of training courses attended by the show’s nearly 40,000 attendees.

Hale paid for all expenses, and also provided travel for two “Elsie escorts” from the WGFC -- vice president Mike Miller, and former president Bill Wohl. The truck’s display included a memorial for Mike Predmore, the fire company member who passed away last month after overseeing Elsie’s restoration. “We know Mike wanted so much to be here at FDIC, yet we know he is here in spirit at this very proud moment for the West Grove Fire Company,” said Wohl.