Four-way stop for Penn Township


For 21st Century Media

PENN - A new four way stop sign has been installed at the Pennock’s Bridge Road and Rosewood Road intersection, but Penn Township Supervisors have decided not to go through with another stop sign change in that area.

In March, the board approved the four way stop and the changing of the Pennock’s Bridge Road and Kelton Road intersection to a three way stop, eliminating the stop except right turn.’ Supervisor Victor Mantegna explained his reason for reversing his earlier motion. “It would take a lot of warnings, and I think the buses would back up,” he said.

Even though snow season is finally over, the board heard a request to change the way snow plowing is done in the Villages of Penn Ridge development. The home owners Association complained that they incurred an extra $15,000 in snow removal costs because their contractor who clears driveways had to come back to clear out driveway entrances that had been plowed shut by the township trucks clearing the roads. They are suggesting that the problem could be solved for them if their contractor were to clear the roads in the development as well as the drives, and charge the township for the time spent on the roads.


Supervisors Chairman Curtis Mason said he does not believe this kind of plan can work. “We looked at this a long time ago,” he said. “How would you ever possibly know what it would cost to do your development? Who says how long it takes? It depends on how much snow there is. I personally don’t see how it could ever work.”

Mantegna was not as pessimistic, but he requested to see a proposal in writing from the home owners before going any farther.

There was also a complaint from the same development about damages caused by a privately owned loader moving snow, that left deep ruts in the grass. The developer has promised that the repairs will be made by the beginning of next week, weather permitting. The residents are concerned that the repairs be properly done so that the new grass will match what is already there.

“We’re just going to have to inspect it and make sure it’s done right,” Mason said.

The township received seven bids for mowing at the park, ranging as high as $21,000. The low bidder was Deerfield Mowing at just $6,360. “Before we bid this, it was costing us $20,000 to mow the grass here. The bidding process is a pain, but it works,” Mason said.

The supervisors announced that the township has been selected by a panel of judges representing the Pennsylvania Highway information Association, PennDOT and the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors awarded Penn Township the 2014 Road and Bridge Safety Improvement Award for the Sunnyside Road Bridge Construction Project.

The board also announce the amount received from the final settlement on the sale of the township sewer plant was $3,702,751. Aqua now owns the plant, but the township must still give approval of new connections as a part of their 537 Plan for sewage disposal.