Avon Grove greets new board members

Avon Grove
Avon Grove

PENN - Nov. 14 was the first Avon Grove School Board meeting for new Superintendent Christopher Marchese who started with the district on Nov. 1. “My transition to the school district has been outstanding,” he said.

The board that selected Marchese will be changing in December as three newly elected members will be seated at the Dec. 2 reorganization meeting. There will be not be a second board meeting in November due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Leaving the board are Robert Weidenmuller, Bruce Dobsch and Dennis Gerber. “I appreciate the time I have had to work with them. They have been very insightful and helpful,” Marchese said.

New board members are Patrick Walker, Brian Gaerity, and Ed Farina. Gerber and Weidenmuller did not run for re-election, and Dobsch was defeated in region I. Region III board member Pattie Lyons retained her seat in the election.


While board meetings can have contentious moments, this meeting was unusually upbeat in the wake of a presentation by students from the Penn London Elementary School concerning the school wide behavior plan.

The plan is an effort to encourage positive behavior and reduce bullying. At the heart of the plan is based on a book that explains that everyone should try to fill their imaginary bucket with good feelings each day. The children invited to the meeting performed a lively version on the book's “bucket song” with the chorus “When we're kind, we fill our bucket, When we're nice we fill yours too, When we help we fill our bucket, When we smile we fill yours too.”