Sports are more than Friday night lights |Aug 29, 2014

In 1973, Sports Illustrated magazine featured on its cover the photo of a 3-year-old male horse — Triple Crown Winner Secretariat. ESPN named him the 35th best athlete of the 20th century and he is still remembered fondly.

DOWNWIND: Unusual art exhibit at the Brandyine River Museum |Aug 28, 2014

The Brandywine River Museum of Art has a really big show with works by East Buffalo, New York, artist watercolorist Charles Burchfield, (1893 to 1967). His long career as an artist inspired a horde of people to attend the opening last weekend, including two buses, one from Buffalo, which is a long ways away.

Mushrooms: Delicious and healthy food |Aug 28, 2014

Mushrooms, mushrooms everywhere! Mushrooms have been used as food and medicines for thousands of years. Many people enjoy eating various types of mushrooms, in both raw and cooked forms. Most are grown in Chester County, in the town of Kennett Square and its surrounding area, which is also known as “The Mushroom Capital of the World.

Finding fruits of the sea in Acadia Park |Aug 28, 2014

On our annual summer vacation in Maine, we spend most of our time in and around Acadia National Park, a destination for our family since we were kids. It’s an incredibly beautiful area, and either from hikes on the high trails or walks along the rocky coast, the views are varied and spectacular.

Doctor will talk about eyes |Aug 26, 2014

Age-related Macular Degeneration is a common eye disease that gradually impairs vision. With approximately 13 million people in the U.S. coping with Age-related Macular Degeneration, there are newer and more effective treatment options available today.

Arden Concert Guild to hold its 107th Old Fashioned Fair |Aug 24, 2014

The Arden Concert Gild is hosting the Arden Fair a week from Saturday on Aug. 30, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It’s a real country fair with several different sections. There will be more than 120 vendors of hand-made arts, crafts and jewelry as well as food vendors, a book fair, plant sale, children’s rides and games and folk dancing.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that |Aug 24, 2014

I don’t know about you, but with shorter days and cooler temperatures, my internal clock is off and I feel like it’s almost autumn. We still have 1/3 of summer left, even though it seems Mother Nature has been trying to convince us otherwise.

Are you born with a taste for cilantro? |Aug 22, 2014

Over the years, I’ve learned to expect to find the flavor of cilantro in Mexican foods, but lately the herb (and the related spice, coriander) seem to be appearing in cuisines everywhere. Most recently, cilantro showed up floating in a bowl of Mulligatawny soup I purchased at a local Indian restaurant.

Win, lose or fun? |Aug 20, 2014

Stop by any local high school this week and you’ll see the kids are back.

How you can end homelessness in our community |Jul 28, 2014

Last year, there were 3.5 million homeless people in the nation. And in Chester County, there are about 650 homeless, according to the latest Point in Time poll.

A milkman returns |Jul 7, 2014

We acknowledge that the times have changed since the Daily Local News looked around and found itself in the latter stages of the 20th century.

Spring Brook Farm: How did it ever get this far? |Jun 25, 2014

I’ve been a journalist for 35 years. I’ve been to more municipal meetings than I care to remember. In the late 1980s, I was at a Parkesburg council meeting when a riot erupted after a citizen -- angry at the vote on a tax increase -- rose from his chair and threw punches at a counselor.

Spring Brook Farm is too valuable a resource to lose |Jun 24, 2014

Take a good look at the photo inserted into this editorial. It is a photo taken last year of a special needs child from the Child and Career Development Center at the Chester County Intermediate Unit visiting The Barn at Spring Brook in Pocopson Township.

Are energy drinks hazardous to your health? |Jun 12, 2014

Energy drink consumption for teenagers and people in their twenties is the fastest growing group in the soft drink industry, with sales totaling a whopping nine billion dollars. In fact, they are quite popular on most college campuses, and among adults in the workplace.

Anson B. Nixon Park is the best park around |May 29, 2014

Outdoor enthusiast Lisa Lightner lives in Avondale.

Time for a change at Bayard Taylor Memorial Library |May 22, 2014

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus famously said, “Nothing endures but change.” So it should be no surprise that changes are coming to the Bayard Taylor Memorial Library.

Pros and cons of universal life insurance |Apr 14, 2014

(Do you have a question about your financial affairs? Financial planning consultant, Robert S. Pennartz, CFP® takes calls at 1-302-654-5556, extension 138 or 1-800-366-0632, extension 138. A selection of these questions and Pennartz’s responses are published in this column.

Pros and cons of universal life insurance |Apr 14, 2014

(Do you have a question about your financial affairs? Financial planning consultant, Robert S. Pennartz, CFP® takes calls at 1-302-654-5556, extension 138 or 1-800-366-0632, extension 138. A selection of these questions and Pennartz’s responses are published in this column.

Kennett cafeteria workers should show more compassion |Apr 1, 2014

Editor: It is not often that I read the Kennett Paper and feel anger and outrage. But this week’s Kennett Paper article (March 27) about an overdue lunch account at Greenwood Elementary made me furious.

The Law of Potholes |Mar 20, 2014

The Law of Potholes Dreaded potholes! They seem to be everywhere this year, so avoiding them all is nearly impossible. The result: lost hubcaps, bent rims, flat tires and even accidents and injuries.

We live in a very caring community |Feb 28, 2014

Israel Rivera is much like many of the immigrants who came to southern Chester County to make a better life for his family.

Homeless count fell short |Feb 7, 2014

The members of the team of 16 county officials and volunteers who went on a quest to find homeless people in Chester County last week are to be commended. It was brutally cold that night, but those on the quest stuck it out through the early morning hours to gather data that would eventually make its way to the U.

A look at the jury selection process |Feb 6, 2014

If you’ve ever been called for jury service, you probably know that it can be very boring -- sitting in the jury room waiting most of the day, being filed into a courtroom like sheep being herded, then listening to a judge or attorney ask you all sorts of questions, some of them a little personal.

Our society has flipped 180 degrees |Jan 30, 2014

I received some comments from folks who have read my previous column where I addressed the Duck Dynasty brouhaha. One person felt Phil’s religious freedom was being deigned. I decided to not just answer them back in a e-mail, but as others probably have a similar view decided to address that issue in my column.

Remember all those who fought for Civil Rights |Jan 30, 2014

Last week’s Martin Luther King Day of Service honored the memory and messages of the slain civil rights leader. But recalling King’s words, getting together for meals and putting in time to help the food cupboard were only part of what this holiday does and should represent.

We’re on the path to racial harmony |Jan 24, 2014

It was heartwarming to see so many people come together Monday to work on local service projects to make the lives better for the less fortunate in our community. The annual MLK Day of Service is a truly wonderful event that brings people of all races and creeds together to make a positive difference.

Be aware of modern day McCarthyism |Jan 16, 2014

I recently watched our DVD copy of “Good Night and Good Luck” which tells the story of the famed CBS Radio/TV reporter Edward R. Morrow and his battle with McCarthyism.

|Jan 16, 2014

Preserving the relics of the past and gaining knowledge from studying historical dwellings can be good and useful. But valuing those lifeless objects over human need is cruel and inhumane and can sometimes be a mask for racism, ageism and classism.

Mushroom Drop was a great success |Jan 8, 2014

When the idea of a mushroom drop was proposed a few months ago, it seemed like a great idea. But officials didn’t figure the publicity surrounding the event would intensify to a point where it appeared on a TV segment of “Good Morning America.

Might a single-payer system be right for America? |Dec 20, 2013

A headline in the news caught my eye recently. It read: Colin Powell endorses single-payer health care. The article essentially said that Colin Powell, a Republican, was impressed by the quality of single payer health care systems in Canada, South Korea, and Europe and believes the US should join them.

Mushroom drop approved in haste, but still promises fun |Dec 18, 2013

Add the mushroom drop to the list of impressive events that attract people to Kennett Square. Like the Mushroom Festival and Brewfest, it will draw thousands of people to a town of 5,000 people that’s just one square mile.

150th Remembrance Day something special |Nov 27, 2013

When a teenager turns 16, you would think they’d ask for a car for their birthday, right?

Tick Tock gives needy families a boost |Nov 21, 2013

The U.S. Route 1/Baltimore Pike corridor is home to more than 12,000 residents of Latino heritage, 21 percent of the total corridor population, according to a recent study on housing and transportation options conducted by Landscapes2 under the direction of the Chester County Planning Commission.

If you were elected, don’t forget us |Nov 14, 2013

There are quite a few municipalities in the area whose elected bodies put aside political party differences once they are in office.

Liberalism has failed again |Nov 7, 2013

Is anyone surprised at the absolute embarrassing failure of the Obamacare launch? Did anyone catch that the website development came in a typical 500 percent over budget (if you are keeping score, the original estimate on the cost was $93 million, and the current costs are more than $500 million)? And guess what, it doesn’t work! Hey, no need to worry, we’ll just call it a glitch.

Options available when rolling over 401(k) |Nov 5, 2013

Q. I’m 56 years old and I have recently switched jobs. I’d like to rollover my old 401(k) retirement plan to an IRA for more investment choices. Any reason why I should not do this?

Let’s reverse the trend of childhood poverty in our area |Oct 24, 2013

Southern Chester County is arguably one of the nicest areas to live in all of the state. There’s a unique mix of open space and historic structures with an economy that can be best described as robust.

The medicine is bitter, but the results are fabulous |Oct 24, 2013

For those of you who have been reading this page for the last two plus years, I thank you. This is going to be my last regularly scheduled column. Most of you probably know that I am on the ballot to be a supervisor in Franklin Township.

Farina tells why he’s running |Oct 17, 2013

As I attended this year’s Avon Grove School Board meetings, I was surprised by some board members’ lack of focus on our schools and the education our children receive. Instead of working on important issues such as the school security risk assessment that was completed some time ago, the increasingly ideological school board members spent time on numerous attempts to pass a resolution for the sole purpose of making political statements to Harrisburg.

20 percent of the federal force reduced should be the norm |Oct 10, 2013

So the big economic news this week, is the government shutdown. The problem is, there is no shutdown. Most news stations are reporting that 800,000 federal workers were given furlough notices. After searching through several pages on the Web, it appears that we have 4.

Auerbach: Beware of false information |Oct 4, 2013

An e-mail distributed “News” letter called Franklin Township,update (aka Whipple-gram) on more than one occasion, one recently, provided some misleading information about the upcoming school board election.

iPads are inevitable learning tools of the future |Oct 4, 2013

Oxford High School has taken a bold and wise step into the future with the announcement that it will be issuing iPads to all of its students.

Pitts: Why I oppose Obamacare |Oct 4, 2013

Republicans keep fighting against Obamacare, even after the President was reelected and after the Democrats maintained their majority in the Senate. The Washington pundit class doesn’t quite understand this.

Auerbach: Beware of false information |Sep 26, 2013

An e-mail distributed “News” letter called Franklin Township,update (aka Whipple-gram) on more than one occasion, one recently, provided some misleading information about the upcoming school board election.

The economy should be the top news |Sep 26, 2013

I am so glad that Syria is out of the news, at least for awhile. The economy should be on the front page nearly every day.

Coatesville racist text messages are especially shocking |Sep 26, 2013

By now, most of Chester County, and in fact, the great Philadelphia area knows that Coatesville School District Superintendent Rich Como and Athletic Director Jim Donato are engaged in shocking scandal involving racist and sexist text messages sent between them.

Two farewells in Kemblesville |Sep 16, 2013

The little village of Kemblesville said two good-byes this week, and for many there was a tinge of sadness about both.

Mushroom Festival has deep roots in local history |Sep 12, 2013

The past weekend’s Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square was a splendid showcase for Pennsylvania’s largest cash crop. Not only did it bring visitors from afar to support the area financially, but it got the word out that southern Chester County is an impressive place to live and that mushrooms are good for more than a side dish to steak.

A swell party, but why so late? |Sep 5, 2013

The debut of the lights at the Kennett High School football field last Friday was something of a double-edged sword or a two-sided coin.

Multi-racial support for ‘I have a dream’ |Aug 29, 2013

Anyone who digs into the history of that summer of 1963 knows that it was more than black activists that took a bus to Washington and heard Dr. King.