20 percent of the federal force reduced should be the norm

David Snyder
David Snyder

So the big economic news this week, is the government shutdown. The problem is, there is no shutdown. Most news stations are reporting that 800,000 federal workers were given furlough notices. After searching through several pages on the Web, it appears that we have 4.1 million federal workers. This includes postal and military employees. This equates to 20 percent of the federal force on furlough. Not hardly a shutdown. All needed services are still being operated.

Those of you who read this page often know that Congressman Pitts, myself and a few others have written about what a disaster Obamacare will be, if fully implemented. Some believe that it can be repealed in a year or two if it does fall on its face. There have been laws in the past that have been repealed after everyone had the chance to see what was in it. The Republicans in the house, responding to their constituents, are trying to stop it before it gets started. Both strategies are worthy, and both will cause lots of yelling and screaming from the administration. Its 50/50 as to which plan will work better.

Those of you who have followed my column over the last two years know that I have been calling for a big reduction in the federal work force. Eight-hundred-thousand would be a great start. I do not expect all 800,000 to stay on furlough, but I would like 500,000 to stay off the government payroll, learn a new productive job, and start at a new position, as soon as possible. Its really not that hard. Once the government decides to do this, they can easily re-train the thousands of workers into private industry jobs. IT people in the government can easily become IT people in private industry. Agriculture department people can become farmers. Department of Labor people can go somewhere that they need statistics and data. Department of transportation folks can find new jobs on trains, in car plants, or at big city airports.

FOX news showed a 2008 clip from the Obama campaign. Sen. Obama was questioning President Bushs decisions that resulted in adding 5 trillion to our debt, in eight years. Now that Mr. Obama has added 7 trillion in five years, its hard to understand what changed him. While he was complaining about the debt, he sounded just like a member of the Tea Party. Is it possible that President Obama was one of the first members of the Tea Party?


Our government cant do anything efficiently. It usually takes three times as long, and costs three times as much for the government to build a bridge, than a private construction company.

With the debt ceiling looming in a few weeks, the timing could not be better for the Republicans efforts. America can see that with all these furloughs, Social Security, our military, Medicare and mail are still working. I dont know what John Boehner has planned for the debt ceiling debate, but it will be a lot easier now to negotiate for a reduction in work force. NBC showed a woman on furlough and how hard it will be for her if the government stays slimmed down. They did not profile the 10 million workers who could be working right now, if the government would get off the back of big business and let them grow, create new products and pay their workers a fairer wage with benefits, than they will have under Obamacare. This kind of foul reporting turns my economic stomach.

My hat is off to Speaker Boehner for doing his job and representing the workers in America, not the government. Even if the slimdown ends, in favor of the Obamacare system, no one will have any doubt as to who tried to stop Obamacare, and who wanted it in spite of his own supporters, losing their jobs, because of it.

David Paul Snyder is the flight training manager for two Israeli business jets. He is a former pilot for PanAm and is the former chairman of the Bucks County Airport Authority.