Auerbach: Beware of false information

An e-mail distributed “News” letter called Franklin Township,update (aka Whipple-gram) on more than one occasion, one recently, provided some misleading information about the upcoming school board election. The letter indicates by innuendo that Franklin Township has its own discrete representation on the Avon Grove School Board. Additionally, it indicated that one specific candidate residing in Franklin Township provides the only opportunity for Franklin Township residents to have representation on the noted board. This is incorrect and deliberately misleading.

In reality, Franklin Township boundaries are not relevant in this case.

The five townships and two boroughs that comprise the Avon Grove School District are divided into three regions for election of the school directors. Residents of Franklin Township and London Britain Township comprise Region I. Region II is comprised of Penn Township, New London Township, and Voting District No. 1 of West Grove Borough. London Grove Township, Avondale Borough, and Voting District No. 2 of West Grove Borough comprise Region III.

Any candidate residing in either Franklin or London Britain Township provides representation for all residents residing in these townships.


This type of disingenuous “news” reporting is typical of this newsletter particularly when reporting issues in Franklin Township. Readers should beware and check the facts.

John Auerbach

Franklin Township

John Auerbach is the board of supervisors chairman in Franklin Township.