Liberalism has failed again

Is anyone surprised at the absolute embarrassing failure of the Obamacare launch? Did anyone catch that the website development came in a typical 500 percent over budget (if you are keeping score, the original estimate on the cost was $93 million, and the current costs are more than $500 million)? And guess what, it doesnt work! Hey, no need to worry, well just call it a glitch.

More typical for President Obama is that no one is ever held accountable. How difficult is it to fire someone in the government for incompetence? Benghazi, IRS targeting political opposition, NSA spying, Syria, anything that Eric Holder touches and Obamacare are the recent examples. Everyone keeps their job as long as they are loyal to Obama.

The president himself continues to claim he had no idea many of these things were going on, but somehow he had time to play 143 rounds of golf. For someone who puts all his faith in the governments ability to solve problems, he ought to spend a little more effort in the day to day events as to how it functions. If I played that much golf over the last five years, I would be getting a divorce. Thats an idea is there any way for the country to divorce the president? President Bush at least had the class to stop golfing in 2003 since it sent the wrong message to our troops fighting overseas. I wont even get into Obamas vacations which exceed the budget of many third world nations.

Worse than the Obamacare website are the absolute lies told by the President when he sold his plan to the American people. By far, the worst is his promise that you would get to keep your insurance and doctors if you were satisfied with what you had. Period. Millions have already lost their coverage and the recent CBO estimate was that 20 million people would see changes to their coverage.


We know, he had no idea that would happen!

Add in the huge increases in premiums and deductailes (wait, didnt he say that families would be saving $2,500 per year?) and that it would reduce the deficit (the original cost estimate was $900 billion over 10 years, now Ive seen estimates ranging from $1.8 to 2.6 trillion). And that assumes young and healthy people are willing to sign up and pay the huge premiums. Did someone forget to tell the president that middle class income has decreased during his presidency, 10 million citizens have stopped looking for work, 50 million others are surviving on food stamps, and millions others have been forced to part time work because of the Obamacare mandates? To recap: lose the insurance that you had and liked, higher costs for the middle class, and adds a trillion dollars to the deficit. Whats not to like?

Lets think about this for a second. Lets add 30 million people to the insurance rolls, cover everyone with pre-existing conditions, have the government mandate what coverage you should have because apparently we arent smart enough to figure this out for ourselves, give special exemptions to congressional staffers and other federal employees because why should we ever expect them to follow the same rules that we have to, add enough IRS agents so they can enforce the rules, and lets not forget free birth control for everyone. All this and costs will go down because we all know how efficient the government is.

Guess what Mr. President, we dont trust you. You have managed to borrow $6 trillion since youve been president, piled unsustainable debt on future generations, launched record spending due to your failed stimulus package, the economy still stinks and we have the worst job market since Jimmy Carter. Now that is something to be proud of. All of your liberal solutions have been a failure. Why should we believe anything you say? The best way I can think of to describe President Obama is Frequently wrong, but never in doubt.

Doug Kaucic

West Grove