The medicine is bitter, but the results are fabulous

David Snyder
David Snyder

For those of you who have been reading this page for the last two plus years, I thank you. This is going to be my last regularly scheduled column. Most of you probably know that I am on the ballot to be a supervisor in Franklin Township. I am unopposed, so it looks like I will be on a public board, once again. I hope that my columns on economics have brought some learning to many in the Avon-Grove area. At the very least, I hope that many of you have thought more about our debt, and the tough economics that it has brought.

Last week, we saw an end to the slight government slim down. I knew it wouldnt last for long. I am very grateful that many in Congress decided to bring this debt issue to everyones sight. It is too bad that the mainstream media covered it so poorly and chose to point blame rather than acknowledge the dire need for spending reform. As Joe Pitts pointed out last week, Sen. Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling in 2006. Why does he want it to be raised so high now??

The fact is many Democrats and Republicans get voted into office because they promise to end this runaway government spending. Then, once they get into office, they get convinced that spending money on things that will help folks in their district is the only way to get re-elected. This is a very sad reality of the world we live in. Each and every congressman and senator is asked to vote for someone elses goodies so that those people can vote for their goodies. It is a vicious, never-ending cycle.

Think about how easy it is for some people to max out their credit cards. Im sure you know people who have rung up credit cards on entertainment and useless or unnecessary things. Now, think how easy it would be to ring up credit cards with everyone elses names on them. It is much easier indeed. I was so happy to see the so called Tea Partiers in the House and Senate stand up to say that we need to keep sequester cuts on track (more rounds are already coming) and find ways to continue the cut backs. This was, of course, tied in with de-funding Obamacare. When push came to shove, and Obama threatened to default on our debt rather than cut spending, they did the right thing. There will be other fights ahead, and with some luck, more and more people will raise their voices to save our childrens future.


This country is capable of having a much better standard of living for nearly all of its citizens. All we have to do is stop the giveaways, and teach people that we have come so far with free markets. A free society, with capitalist economics has worked much better than socialism. The people in charge in Washington think that handing stuff to everyone is the answer. It is not. You cannot motivate people to produce more when you pay them not to. It has never worked that way.

What is truly needed is for us to drink some bitter medicine. The bitter medicine will come in the form of government cutbacks, from all departments. We dont need to pay people to observe the mating habits of the South African bumble bee. We dont need to spend money trying to figure a way to live on Jupiter. We certainly dont need to spend money teaching IRS agents how to line dance. Some cuts will have to be made in areas that are more important, but the cuts need to be made. Medicine is bitter, but the results are fabulous.

Thanks for reading my columns !

David Paul Snyder lives in Franklin Township. He is an FAA and European flight examiner, for two Israeli business jets.