Farina tells why he's running

As I attended this year’s Avon Grove School Board meetings, I was surprised by some board members’ lack of focus on our schools and the education our children receive. Instead of working on important issues such as the school security risk assessment that was completed some time ago, the increasingly ideological school board members spent time on numerous attempts to pass a resolution for the sole purpose of making political statements to Harrisburg. The main purpose of the school board should be to focus on educational issues within our school district where the board can have direct influence and impact.

Seeing the lack of action, knowledge, interest and concern of several board members, I decided to run as a school board candidate representing New London, West Grove District-1 and Penn. I’m a registered Independent and believe divisive, partisan politics have no place on the school board.

As an engineer by education, a taxpayer, and a parent of two school-aged children, I have the education, motivation, and desire to work on reestablishing the school district’s award winning reputation and maintaining fiscal constraints. My 24 years of experience in this community and my heart tell me this can be accomplished using sound judgment, a desire to understand other viewpoints and compromise.

While I respect my opponent’s right to his Republican Tea Party affiliations, I don’t believe the majority of people, regardless of their political party, share John Emmons’ views or his methodologies. While I realize elections are about politics, I hope all voters will be willing to look at the candidates’ names and what they believe, and not simply vote blindly with their party. I urge you to visit my website at www.edfarina.com, and www.avongroveparents.wordpress.com for more information.


Ed Farina

New London Township