Fall foliage hikes and new ropes course at Lum's Pond State Park

Lisa Lightner
Lisa Lightner

I have a confession to make. I hate heights. Hate them! Iím fine with really high heights like flying in an airplane, and Iíve been to the tops of both the World Trade Center and the Empire State Building. When I have solid footing underneath me in a situation like that, it doesnít bother me. I hate climbing ladders, have never really climbed a tree and standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon makes me queasy. In junior high I didnít have the upper body strength to climb the dangling rope, so I was given the option of climbing the cargo net instead. I passed out and fell off. There was a giant landing mat or cushion at the bottom, so I was fine. But thatís how afraid of low heights I am.

I donít mind fast heights such as a roller coaster. But a slow height like a Ferris wheel makes me very nervous and I have to close my eyes and just wait for it to be over, especially when they leave you sitting at the top while they load the basket at the bottom. I hate that!

Why am I telling you this? I just was reminded on television the other day that there is a high ropes course at Lumís Pond State Park. Have you ever done one of these courses? I have. It was back in the early 1990s when I was in college. At the time, we were told that ďeveryone has done itĒ and that it was a graduation requirement. I would prove them wrong, as I did not complete it. I tried. I did many of the elements, just not the really high ones. And there was no way I was going to do the zip line at the end. I have no idea if I opened a flood gate of others who would not do it, but suffice it to say I did graduate.

When I saw the course at Lumís Pond being highlighted on TV, I was taken back 20 years and found myself wondering if I could do it. Iím not sure but I am tempted to go down there and check it out. The down side, other than my extreme fear of heights, is that it is $55 a person to do it. My inner cheapskate wonders if I would do it just to not lose my money. My husband said heíll sit in the kayak down below and watch. The website claims that they are ďproud to have helped people conquer their fear of heights.Ē Weíll see. If I do decided to do it, success or not, I will provide an update in the column. If you are interested, there is information on the Lumís Pond website. This specific area is called ďGo ApeĒ which does nothing to garner more interest from me.


Itís the middle of October, so just about prime season for fall foliage. Some of my favorite spots are White Clay Creek State Park in Landenberg and Brandywine State Park in Delaware and of course just about any of the state parks in the northern and north-central part of the state. We went to the Halloween festivities at Sesame Place this past Saturday and it was 91 degrees! Hard to get in the mood for fall and Halloween when itís that warm.

Have a great weekend and if you have anything you would like to see featured here, e-mail me at LisaLightner at yahoo.com.

Outdoor enthusiast Lisa Lightner lives in Avondale.