The economy should be the top news

I am so glad that Syria is out of the news, at least for awhile. The economy should be on the front page nearly every day.

It looks as though we have stumbled upon a major impasse in our federal government. The news media is trying hard to make it look as if its Democrats versus Republicans. The funding of our federal government is much deeper than that.

Last Friday, the House passed a Continuing Resolution (CR), to allow the government to stay operating. The CR included a part that defunds the Presidents prized Healthcare Act. The CR is neededin order to allow the government to stay operating. Our government was set up so that the House would have control of the purse strings. If things are getting out of control, its up to the house to close the checkbook and stop the government from spending any money until the issue gets resolved. This is exactly what they have done.

To resolve the issue, the Obamacare Act needs to be repealed. The House and Senate can easily do this. In lieu of the repeal, the House is asking that no funding occur while they all comeup with a better solution. What they did was brilliant.


Now it is up to the Senate, to follow suit. They have sworn to not do so. Nonetheless, it is likely that they will, or more likely that they will reach some sort of compromise. As I said before, this is not really about Democrats and Republicans. The House was set up to be more responsive to the people. The Senate, with longer terms, is more likely to drift from public opinion, with hopes that it will change back over a long period of time.

Americans are clearly against having the Obamacare Act put into place. In advance of the start date, many companies have laid off workers, because they simply can not continue to pay for the healthcare plans. When given the option to payor not pay and still have nearly the same result, everyone will always choose to not pay. Retirees are getting cut from pension healthcare plans. Wallgreens has just announced that they are going to chop 160,000 employees from the current plan, and give them all a stipend to be used towards the Obamacare exchange plans. Computer programers are having trouble creating the software, to handle the data entry, and caveats of the 2,800 page Act.

No one, I repeat, no one can possibly say that they understand Obamacare, in its entirety. Think about it.Could you understand a 2,800 page document ?

Best of all, the Cleveland Clinic is laying off 3,000 workers, on Oct. 1. Why is this great? In 2009, our president went to Cleveland, to help sell his Healthcare nightmare. He held up the Cleveland Clinic in his speech as a shining example.

He said that the Cleveland Clinic was trying hard to find ways to cut costs. Well, they have found a new way. In order to cut $300 million from their budget, which will make them more profitable, they will layoff workers and not have to pay their health benefits.

Never, in our history, has their been a law/ act that took three years to implement. Never have I seen a law/ act that was altered by the president seven times between passage and implementation.

Never have I heard of a law that was subverted by the handing out of hundreds of waivers, and exemptions. One congressman recently added an attachment to a bill that would take away the exemption for congressmen and senators. I doubt it will get passed a committee for a vote.

Obamacare is the biggest job killing act ever. It will be a huge drain on our economy. It will cause us to pull back from our big advancements in modern medicine. It will invade our privacy like nothing has ever done before. With any luck, the senators will read their e-mails, and listen to the phone calls, and vote for the CR from the house.This will allow the government to keep running and Obamacare to be re-written in plain language, without crushing the economy.

Lets all hope that the Senate follows the House lead and keeps the government running and Obamacare away from destroying more jobs.

David Paul Snyder is the flight training manager for two Israeli business jetes. He is a former pilot for PanAm and is the former chairman of the Bucks County Airport Authority.