A new kayak for an outdoorsy family

Lisa Lightner
Lisa Lightner

We just returned from a glorious week in Ocean City, NJ. We go around this time every year and love it. The weather is perfect, the crowds are less and the cost is so much less. Although this year, it felt like it was the most crowded it’s ever been while we are there (I thought maybe more people learned our September secret) and it felt like fewer businesses were open than in past years. Our only snafu of the week was that the realtor and the property owner of the house we rented did not communicate with each other and that resulted in our rental house being occupied when we got there. Lesson learned and we won’t use that office again because they did not even make right on the situation.

We did not catch a single fish, despite going out almost every day. We came home with a new addition to the family though. No, not that kind. A fishing kayak. When our boys were born, we sold our single-person kayaks because they just weren’t family friendly if you have small children. My husband has been shopping for a specific kayak, the Hobie Oasis, and found a great deal at a place called Finatics. I know at the end of every summer season, I remind my readers—go shopping for equipment you need. We also got a “boogie board” for my 4-year-old and this was his first summer attempting that activity. So far, he prefers fishing and that’s ok with me.

Sunday, Sept. 15, marked the beginning of the autumn season of the “Healthy Kids Running Series” held at Boomers in Avondale. We did the entire series in the spring but for fall we can only make it to a few of them. Starting at age Pre-K, they have various lengths of running races for kids. The shortest distance is 50 yards. It’s held in the back of Boomers, along the lines of the driving range. My older son runs in the one-quarter mile race, and I like it because it gives them a taste of what trail running is like, not just road running. The folks at HKRS were very accommodating for my son with special needs, and allow one of us to run along side of him to guide him. They wait, even though we are usually the last ones to finish, and they still cheer just as loud for him as they do the other kids. This is a fun, inexpensive, healthy and outdoorsy event for families. Just do an internet search on “Healthy Kids Running Series” and you’ll find their website with more information. They have several locations in our area but I think Boomers is the closest. There’s also Newark and West Chester.

I hope everyone is having a great September so far. The weather has been perfect, so make sure you’re getting out there and enjoying it. If you have something you would like featured here, please email me at LisaLightner@Yahoo.com. As a general rule, I need special events notices at least two weeks in advance, so that I can get it in before publishing deadlines.


Outdoor enthusiast Lisa Lightner lives in Avondale.