Oxford addresses Route 10 traffic woes


For 21st Century Media

OXFORD - Safety on Route 10 at the edge of the borough is a concern for Council that they are referring to the LTAC traffic committee in hopes of a solution. Council members have observed problems with people walking in the streets to get to the Oxford Commons shopping center and the Oxford Square Mall. Entrances for the two shopping center face each other across Route 10 at a traffic light. Even though it is posted “No Pedestrian Crossing”, people are frequently seen venturing across six lanes of traffic with no help from the lights.

To get any changes made a traffic study would have to support them. Council member Randy Teel feels that more than one location needs to have a traffic study since traffic at various sites across the borough should be included as well. “There are more places that are a problem because WalMart than just on Route 10,” he said. “That is the main problem, but that’s not the only problem.”

An issue that sparked debate on council was he idea of banning all weapons on borough property including the borough hall, offices, public works building and park. The proposal was generated in consideration of the shootings this summer at a northern Pennsylvania township meeting that left two people dead and other injured.


No action was taken on the proposal that Council Member John Thompson opposed the idea as impractical. “How are you going to enforce it? are you going to frisk everybody who is going to come into a council meeting? he asked. He also opposed the idea on principle. “Criminals don’t obey the laws, so i think it’s infringing on my rights.”

In other business, council approved the purchase of two new 2014 Ford Interceptors as vehicles for the borough police department. The first, costing $26,440 will be paid for from the borough’s anonymous gift fund, while the second, costing $26,127 will be purchased from the general fund budget.

To start the meeting, mayor Geoff Henry swore in new junior council person Sarah Hershey, the daughter of council president Ron Hershey. As a junior council member, the high school student may participate in discussion as a council member, but she does not have a vote, and she may not attend executive sessions.

Also at the meeting was Jahan Sheikholeslami of the Oxford Arts Alliance to ask council members to help promote the organization’s upcoming show house. The show house, located in Greenville, DE, will open in October, with proceeds going to support the Arts Alliance.

Oxford Mainstreet Inc. also had good news to share, announcing receipt of a DCED grant for $260,000. The bulk of that money, $200,000 will be used to purchase of street lights. The remaining $60.000 will be split equally between business facade improvements and administrative expenses.