Say goodbye to a rainy summer

Lisa Lightner
Lisa Lightner

I try not to write about the weather all the time. At times when I sit down to do this column, I think “You can’t write about the weather again! Enough!”

But then again, it is a column about the outdoors, so weather is always right there, front and center and having an impact on your plans. Well, if this summer felt different to you, you’re not alone and you’re not imagining things. It was different. First, we had the rainiest June ever. And not just the rainiest June ever, but it blew away the old record by several inches.

And August did not bring us any dog days of summer. During August, we did not have any days at all that hit 90 degrees or hotter. None! Isn’t that amazing!? It has only happened five times in the past century, so it is odd. Like I said, if this summer felt cooler and rainier than what you remember, you were correct.

Typically September and October are two of our driest months. Even though this year has been anything but typical, let’s hope normalcy returns and we can enjoy the coming months. I know I am tired of the rain, and fishing and hiking are not fun when everything is slick.


We are still heading down to White Clay Creek State Park about once a week. But when the rains come our favorite fishing rocks are submerged and we can’t get on them. Plus everything is wetter, muddier and slicker, which is just no fun with two little boys. My little guy just can’t cast his rod out far enough to get to the fish when the water is high. Still, we are catching enough bluegills and other fish to make the day exciting for kids.

Speaking of excitement, last week Cabela’s announced that they are coming to Christiana Mall. They expect to open some time in 2014. The press release mentioned that they are opening stores with a newer concept, so I don’t think it will be the colossal destination center like the store in Hamburg.

I think the newer stores will be a bit smaller, but they still will offer a decent assortment of products. We like being able to order from the catalog and do in-store pickups and returns to save on shipping. Cabela’s often supports outdoors, wildlife and nature conservation efforts in the local community when they build a store. They also host clinics and workshops, so that can be a great way to learn a new hobby or introduce your kids to one. It seems that duck hunting, or at least buying duck calls and T-shirts, is all the rage right now. So that fad, combined with being in Delaware and their tradition of duck hunting, may breathe new life into that sport. I hope so.

If you haven’t been to the Cabela’s store in Hamburg yet, it makes a great day trip. If there is one thing I dislike about Cabela’s, it’s that I wish they would bend a bit on the gun control issue, as they are at the extreme end. I don’t think that the everyday sportsman has anything to worry about when adding some new common-sense gun laws, but hey, I’ve ranted about that before and won’t start again.

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Outdoor enthusiast Lisa Lightner lives in Avondale.