Parent object to dress code change

I am writing this letter to complain about the recent changes to the dress code at the Oxford High School.

If changes were to take place, I feel the parents should have been given ample notice regarding these changes. Some parents received a phone call message four days prior to school. Other parents got a different message that day (probably due to the complaints being received in the office). My home received the second message basically stating more news to follow. So on the first day of school the dress code was explained to my daughter and last night I was told what she could and could not wear. The handbook was not updated online until Thursday (three days prior to school starting) so again.the notification and the way this was handled was very disorganized and unfortunately typical.

I took my daughter school shopping two weeks prior to school starting and was not notified that any of these changes were taking place. I am on a budget as my husband is currently laid off from his job. The clothes and shoes that were purchased were acceptable last year. If any changes were to occur, students and their parents should have been notified at the end of the year last year or even early to mid-summer to give people the opportunity to plan differently.

My daughter wore a shirt today (a tank top with very wide sleeves) not spaghetti straps because it is warm and that was acceptable last year. I work 45 minutes from Oxford and received a message that she was in the office and needed to have something else brought in for her to wear. There were numerous other kids in the office for jeans with the little rips in them (not showing skin) just the distressed look. Naturally, this was again part of the acceptable clothing last year so I bought her jeans like that this year to wear. I cannot afford to go out and buy her all new clothes because some new principal wants to be the new sheriff in town and change everything a few days prior to school starting.


The book bag issue. Carrying a book bag into the school but not being allowed to carry it from class to class? What is the purpose of this? If someone is going to bring a gun or weapon to school its going to come into the school in the book bag and be in their locker regardless of whether they carry a book bag from class to class throughout the day.

The new principals message on changing the safety and culture of the school is hideous! My entire family has graduated from that school and the culture has never been an issue. I believe he is a control freak that wants to make his own rules and distress those that pay his salary!

Instead of buying new iPads maybe you should have considered uniforms and metal detectors for the kids if this is the route the district is going to take.

This is my formal complaint. I am hoping as members of the board that you can look into this matter. I have already contacted the superintendent (with no call back). I have e-mailed the board president (with no response) and e-mailed the new principal. He was the only one that has responded basically stating that he hopes that I understand the reasons behind the new policy. I hope he understands that I am dealing with a crying teenager every night trying to figure out what is acceptable to wear to school and a budget that cant afford to go buy new things.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I hope I get some type of response that makes sense.

Teresa Rosa