Make Sand Shots Simple

Sand shots intimidate many golfers and poor sand play can really ruin your score. Believe it or not, sand shots are very easy once you know how to handle them AND put in the time required to improve your skill at hitting the sand the correct distance behind the ball. The technique is simple.

1 Promise yourself that you will smack the sand HARD every time, until you lose the fear of blading the ball over the green and off the golf course.

2 Make sure you look at the spot on the sand (about 2 inches behind the ball) as you swing. Your eyes will want to look toward the ball, and then you might just hit the ball cleanly

3 Draw a line in the sand with the sole of your club and practice hitting it.


4 Put a ball 2 inches in front of the line and practice hitting the line. Youll be stunned by how easily you can get the ball safely out of the bunker and onto the green.


My weight is very much on my front foot throughout the swing. I like to use my left knee as an anchor on all my short game shots, trying to keep it loaded with weight and as still as possible until well after impact.

The backswing is similar to a normal backswing: My right arm has bent and my wrists have set fully (I call that loading up The Power Angles). But the follow-through is very different from normal. I throw the club head into the sand about 2 inches behind the ball, straightening Power Angles to do so. This swing actually ended as shown. Keep in mind that I am really throwing the club head forcefully into the sand, and the sand helps stop the momentum here. Dont slow down into impact!

Hit em great!