Summer's last hurrah is here

Lisa Lightner

By the time this column is published, most area school children will really be counting down the last days of their summer vacation. I know many go back on this Monday the 26th and then get a long weekend for Labor Day.

Thankfully my son is off all next week (though he has attended school for most of the summer at Devereux CARES) and doesn’t go back until after Labor Day.

This week we are going down to spend a few days at the Golden Inn in Avalon and see SandMan Matt of SandMasters. Do you watch that show? We attended this same event last summer and loved it so much we are going back this year. The Golden Inn is a great hotel, right on the beach, and they offer great room rates for this event. Plus, since so many schools are going back, the area is less crowded.

Anyway, I’m rambling, but I’m quite happy to spending one of the last breaths of summer down there. So that got me to thinking…if I just had one weekend left of summer, what would I do? What would I want my kids to do? If the weather cooperates, this is what I would try to fit in.

Camping-If you haven’t done it yet, now is the time. Whether you just pick a local state park like Marsh Creek or French Creek or the KOA on 162 or even your own backyard…this is your chance. Put up the tent, stop at the Acme for your s’mores supplies and go. Let your kids invite some friends and don’t forget the fishing poles!

Fishing-We have just been having a great time down at White Clay State Park. We’ve been going at least once a week. Almost every time we go, we catch something -- usually a blue gill. We have lunch on “the big rock” and we enjoy seeing all the hikers, runners, walkers and other people fishing. Sure, there are other places to go, but White Clay is so close and so under rated.

Mountain Biking-Fair Hill is known for it’s great trails for mountain biking. While rain certainly isn’t an ideal condition, the cool cloudy days that we have been having are a relief if you are doing this strenuous activity. Another great local spot that is under rated and overlooked.

Hopefully that gives you a few ideas. Lately we’ve been much more spontaneous in choosing our activities. And, I hate ending a summer or some vacation time with a “I wish we had…” No more wishing, go do!

On a related note, my family and I have been doing “screen free weekends” and we are all loving it. No computers, no tablets and limited TV time (only in evening, after everything else). Hopefully I can get myself on a more regulated work schedule (I work from home) this fall and can cut back on the screen time even more, we are really appreciating the time away and when we are online we enjoy it more.

Have a great week everyone. If you have something you would like to see listed here, e-mail me at LisaLightner at

Outdoor enthusiast Lisa Lightner lives in Avondale.

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