Kennett Square tapping into great things

Kennett Square just keeps getting better. Its many festivals make it a destination town for many, but with the announcement that Victory Brewing Co. will be arriving early next year, the town will be buzzing with activity.

Kennett Square doesnt have the problems that many towns in the region have. There are no vacant storefronts, and theres very little major crime, thanks in part to an excellent full-time police force led by Chief Ed Zunino.

Historic Kennett Square, led by Mary Hutchins, is quietly behind the scenes making things happen. Historic Kennett Square has been responsible for the recent resurgence of the town. Historic Kennett Square has signed a contract with a marketing analysis firm that will deliver a step-by-step strategic economic plan for the 1 square mile town. Work begins Sept. 15 and ends Feb. 1, 2014. The report will look at ways the borough can market itself and improve on events currently on tap.

Kennett Square is shaping up to be one of the areas premiere craft beer destinations. Two Stones Pubs third location is well under way, and Kennett Brewing Company will be locating at 109 S. Broad Street. All of this was made possible by borough councils decision earlier this year to modify an ordinance allowing these types of beer businesses.


And year after year, the towns festivals brings tens of thousands of people to town. The Mushroom Festival that takes place Sept. 6, 7 and 8 this year is extremely popular, as well as the upcoming Brewfest, set for Oct. 5.

But we think the reason Kennett Square is a rising star lies in its leadership. Todays borough council is a mix of people who truly care about the town, and take the time to work with those interested in improving the community.

Mike Pia Jr., who is developing Magnolia Place, a four-story, luxury apartment building in Kennett Realty Groups latest upscale townhome, apartment and retail community, told us that the reason the project is a reality today is due to borough council.

Pia worked with previous councils over the past eight years and hit roadblock after roadblock. The current council, he said, made it work.

After it was announced Victory Brewing Co. would occupy all 8,234 square feet of the bottom floor of Magnolia Place, we heard comments from people that this would put Kennett Square on the map. Well, Kennett Square is already on the map, and this is one more reason to lure people to town. The local busineses will benefit, as well as the towns residents, who may see both an improvement in services and a tax break due to the increased tax base.

Kennett Square is certainly a town on the upswing. And it looks like the momentum will continue well into the future because the town has leaders who care about their community.