Superintendent selection should be a public process

Our Avon-Grove school board is a public board. They spend public money, and they are chosen by public elections.

The board is required to make all of its decisions, at public meetings. This is covered under the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act. Yes, they are allowed to do research, ask questions and discuss some of the options behind closed doors, but the decisions mustbe made in public.

This current board is about to make one of its biggest decisions, aside from teacher union contracts. They are about to hire a superintendent, to replace outgoing Superintendent Gus Massaro. This board has engaged the services of the Chester County Intermediate Unit, to screen the Candidates for them.

I dont know how they can shuffle such a job to a non-elected entity, but they seem to be content with doing so. Nonetheless, they are about to produce the finalists, for the superintendent position.


To make the decision in public doesnt mean deciding who the winner is behind closed doors and then announcing at a public meeting that they have chosen candidate X. Making this decision in public means telling the public who the finalists are, then having a public meeting, to hear from the public as to what good or bad deeds are known about each one of the finalists.

After listening to those who come to such a meeting, and after reading their A-G e-mails from concerned citizens, with an open mind, they should then vote on who the best candidate is.

To make this decision without an open process would be a slap to every taxpayer, and especially to every parent in the district. I would be very unhappy if they make this decision behind closed doors in a smoke-filled room. I would not be shocked, however, given their past Well do what the union tells us, behavior.

David Paul Snyder

Franklin Township