Which way are the Democrats going?

David Snyder
David Snyder

If you watch television for at least two hours every night, you most likely have seen ads from the State of New York. New York State is trying very hard to attract businesses to come to New York or return to New York.

To accomplish their goal, they are advertising that they have become much more business friendly. They have reduced taxes, cut red tape, made it easier to start a business there, etc... They go on and on about how it is easier to move to New York so you can be an employee at one of these new businesses.

The State of New York, has a Democratic governor. Their legislature is heavily democratic. They have one of the most Democratic cities in the nation.

Our federal government, is led by a democrat. The House is Republican by a small margin, but the Senate is Democratically controlled. The leaders in Washington seem to think that businesses thrive on more taxes and more regulation.


So which is it ? Do businesses thrive more when the government makes back-breaking regulations and taxes them to the brink of bankruptcy ? Or do businesses do a whole lot better when government gets off of their back, and lets them produce enough product to sell here in the US, and maybe even enough to sell abroad ?

The answer is clearly the latter.

Now, business owners and prospective business owners need to ask themselves one very big question. Should I go to New York and try to start up a business where the previous years have done nothing but suffocate all businesses ? Or would it be better to move to a state that has never endured such ridiculous regulations nor taxed its businesses at an alarming rate ?

I am very confused as to what is going on in the leadership of the Democratic party. If you tout how wonderful it is to suffocate business, like stopping the Keystone Pipeline, how can you turn around and promote the cutting of taxes and red tape ?

I wish they would make up their minds.

Nonetheless, this is all moot if the federal budget is not cut by significant amounts in a very short time. The debt will consume us all, and time is running out. Some say we only have until the end of this year. Im not going to make any time predictions, but the rest of the world is going to hinge on how soon we get our debt controlled and reduced.

Those of you who follow local politics, know that I am running for township supervisor in Franklin Township. Somewhere in the months ahead, I will stop writing this column, so someone else can fill this space. Since my running mate and I have no competition in the primary, I will continue writing past May, but not past September. Enjoy this beautiful weather !

David Paul Snyder