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Kacie's dad: Heroin needs to be confronted

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Editorís Note: Andy Rumsford is the father of Kacie Rumsford, 23. Kacie died of a drug overdose a few weeks ago at the Kennett home she shared with her parents.
Thanks so much for all your help so far in bringing the Heroin issue to light to so many people. We have had 125-plus emails from parents all over this area and itís been overwhelming.
It is apparent we have a major epidemic here that needs addressing.
We are waiting for the OK from the Longwood Fire Co. I have a list of 20-plus parents so far, not including the local police , school districts, local elected officials who will be invited and others to a meeting the end of this month..
Because of your article, Fox 29 news was in touch with us and will be contacting us again shortly as they are doing a piece on Heroin Awareness. They had heard of Kacieís Cause because of Fran Mayeís article in the newspaper. Without you, the community would still be in a state of denial.
The Longwood rotary. We will be speaking to the Longwood Rotary Club on May 2nd about the heroin epidemic in this region and across the country. We will be speaking to the Kennett Rotary soon.
So far, 40 businesses have copies of Kacieís flyer and are passing them out.
Heroin Awareness wrists bracelets are ordered and they look great.
The Longwood Fire Company will be holding an all-Chester County, EMS day at Brandywine Picnic Park on May 19. They are donating a portion of their event to Kacieís Cause . We are having a Heroin Awareness table at the event.
Kacie used to go to the Garage Youth Center in Kennett and I have known the director for many years. Patti Olenik has flyers for the West Grove Garage and Kennett. I will be speaking to the children at those locations.
Unionville and Kennett schools both have been contacted. I will invite both of them to the meeting at the end of this month.
We are asking the parents to please make a few copies of Kacies flyer and distribute them to anyone they know, give them to their children and have the children go door to door to spread the word.
We need to continue the education of parents, educate the children. Look at the heroin laws and a host of other things of which Kacieís Cause will be addressing for our immediate area. Many parents who simply have had it, including me.
On April 18 at Unionville High School, the results of a survey to 6th, 8th and 10th graders, called Risky Business will be announced and Kacies flyer will be distributed and copies of The Kennett Paper depicting her article.
I am looking into starting a foundation in her name.
If possible, please tie a blue and white ribbon/bow around your mailbox to signify heroin awareness, itís a sign of solidarity for our community.
I contacted the organizer of the local Kennett Run and I asked them for a heroin awareness table.
Heroin needs to be confronted. Together, we can make a difference.
Andy Rumsford
Kennett Square