Nation deserve better than adolescent fighting

Today, Thursday, is a special day in southern Chester County. Itís the annual Kennett-Unionville basketball game -- an event that has been steeped in rivalry as far back as anyone in either of the schools can remember.

On that day of the year Kennett folks and Unionville folks are traditionally bitter enemies.

They hate each other.

But when the game is over, the students in both schools seem to get along.

And when they grow old, they get to be buddies and reminisce over old times together at the annual Old Timers Banquet and Hall of Fame Induction (which, incidentally is coming up on Jan. 19). They know the fight was over a long time ago.


That bitter rivalry on game day is probably due to two factors:

1. Their world is small, and basketball games are about as big as it gets.

2. Theyíre a bunch of high school kids, and theyíre emotionally and immature.

Fortunately, the kids grow up and get over it.

Unfortunately, that hatred and rivalry in the U.S. House of Representatives between Democrats and Republicans doesnít dissipate as it does with the Demons and Indians.

In fact, the nation of regular people -- folks who merely believe in working hard, earning a living and staying safe from foreign enemies -- have been held hostage by a bunch of elected officials who should just get over their childish, game-day fights.

The recent negotiations -- if you want to call them that -- over the nationís fiscal cliff was something this country should be ashamed of.

On the one side, the Democratic party seems to desire to spend more money than it has, incurring a debt that will only get worse with time.

The Republicans appear bent on pulling the rug out from the most vulnerable of the countryís citizens, the ones who suffer dearly if they are struck with environmental or health tragedies.

The Republican agenda during the tussle over the budget appeared to have been saving the wealth of the upper class at the expense of those who are just barely making it.

What made it worse was that they all got a nice fat raise while their constituents wondered what their person fiscal futures would be.

Itís time for them to get over their childish clashes The well-being of the nation is not a game. It must be exempt from their stupid in-fighting and clichťs.

Itís about time for them to lay out a list of things they and normal Americans agree on.

For example:

No one believes we should be raping our nationís natural resources. The question for rational people to work out is what controls must be in place to keep the waters clean and the air pure.

No one believes a families should be forever devastated by medical bills when one of their members gets cancer or some other chronic, degenerative disease. But rational people on both sides of the aisle must dedicate themselves to coming to a reasonable solution to that crisis.

It should be obvious that no one who has achieved great wealth has done it alone. In fact, those who have acquired money usually have it either by inheritance or wisely profiting from the hard work of their lower-paid employees.

It doesnít mean that those with wealth should be forced to turn over their bank accounts to the poor. But it is also true that most low-paid employees work just as hard as their bosses and deserve a reimbursement for their efforts.

The list goes on.

The nation deserves representatives who sit down bent on seriously and cooperatively finding answers with the goal of uniting to help their constituents.

Lately, all they seem to want to pursue is game day rivalries.