Del Bittle a true asset to community


I enjoyed last week’s article on Del Bittle and it reaffirms what I already knew. What a great man and assest to our community! I had driven past Del’s place many times seeing the wooden guitar sign on Route 842. I finally went in to Del’s store when looking for a used clarinet for my daughter when she was in 4th grade and decided she wanted to play in the band at Unionville Elementary.

My husband and I thought the rental fee for the clarinet was pretty steep and decided to see if we could buy a used clarinet instead. Del Bittle had a few used clarinets to choose from. He gave us one to try and to show to the band director for his approval. I asked when leaving, “what do you need from me, a credit card or deposit?”. He said “nah, you’re from Unionville, it’s all fine.” Who runs a business like that in this day in age? ( by the way, the used clarinet was the way to go financially especially, if your child is anything like mine and decides, after a few years, the band isn’t maybe what he or she wants to do after all).

Del Bittle also helped when my other daughter was looking for a guitar. She had saved her money and wanted to upgrade her current guitar to an acoustic guitar. We went to Del and she just so indecisive and wasn’t really enamored with any of the choices . He said to her “you need to love this guitar and you’ll know when you find it.” He even mentioned another place for us to try since we couldn’t find what she liked at his store. He later did buy her classical guitar (a hand-me-down from an uncle) and gave her some money and a case for her new guitar complete with a cool sticker to start her sticker collection on her new case.

Del Bittle is a class act and I’m grateful that there are still people in our community that are looking out for the next generation while fostering their love of music. Shame on the person who sued him after attending Del Stock. I would have liked the opportunity to attend.


Martha Young