Unionville charging too much for tennis court use


I have run Tonyís Tennis Camp at of the Unionville High School tennis courts since 2007. I had hoped to continue the program for many more years at Unionville High School. The reason I am emailing you is that I canít afford the new price increases for the tennis courts. The price has increased 370%.

I have compared UHSí fees with those of neighboring school districts and area tennis clubs. The results show that UHSí new fees will far surpass those of any of those organizations. A summary of the results are:

Avon Grove School District fees are 50% less than UHS.

West Chester School District fees are 75% less than UHS.


Octoraca School District fees are 50% less than UHS.

Kennett Consolidated School District fees are 100% less than UHS

Anson B Nixon (local tennis court in Kennett Square) are 25% less than UHS.

Penn Oaks (private tennis club) would charge 1% more than UHS.

If I increased my prices 370%, I would pass these costs to the players. Thatís crazy! In this economy, I canít pass these unreasonable court fees on to my customers. Tonyís Tennis Camp will need to move locations, if this happen.

Tony Tennis Camp relationship has been advantageous to Unionville High School (UHS) because:

1. It has brought parents to the schoolís campus and provided them with a new perspective about the school.

2. It has brought community members, who donít have children, to the school and shown them the positive impact of the school on the community.

3. It has provided UHS students with an opportunity for practice outside of the schoolís program.

4. The school has received in-kind contributions from Tonyís Tennis Camp.

5. The added activity on the schoolís grounds are supervised and helps with security and deter vandalism.

6. Since 2007 Tonyís Tennis Camp has provided $$$$$ to UHS through its fees, which has helped augment the schoolís budget.

7. Over 180 students have been given the opportunity to play Junior Tennis, 150 adults, and in the summer months, tennis camps have been run for our area youth to provide them exciting, safe, and organized activities while promoting a love of the game.

If there are community members waiting to use a court, I will condense my group, in order to free up a court. I have always offers anyone on the courts near him, his extra tennis balls and he keeps everything very friendly. Iíve never monopolize the tennis courts, my goal is to get more people involved in the sport. Before I started this program 2007, the tennis courts were predominantly empty and the Tennis program wasnít as strong as it is today.

The Unionville School District has benefited from my program in many ways. I employ about 6 Unionville grads or students to work for me during the tennis season. I get over 600 people moving, making new friends and playing tennis. When I am at the courts it is like free security for the school (My customers and I would report any problems and have help other users of the courts ( twisted ankle, dead batteries or other injuries) I have volunteered with both the boys and girls tennis teams for many years. Many of my players have been very successful in school because of a love for tennis. The Unionville Boys and Girls teams have finished in the top two of schools in Pennsylvania State tennis competition.

The bottom line is that I am Building a Love of the Game in Unionville Area. Could you please help me save our great program? Please talk, email or write a letter to your neighbors, principal, superintendent, school board members.

Thanks for your support .

PS These are the email addresses for the school board members and the school superintendent. Please help me save this valuable program at Unionville High School. I canít do this alone I need the support of the Unionville Tennis Community to accomplish this goal.

Superintendentís Office - District Office

Dr. John C. Sanville, Superintendent - jsanville@ucfsd.net

Buildings and Grounds

Rick Hostetler, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds - rhostetler@ucfsd.net

Business Office

Robert Cochran, Director of Business and Operations - rwcochran@ucfsd.net

Tony DeFelice

Tennis instructor