USC to assist with Unionville stadium entrance

Joe Carney
Joe Carney

By Fran Maye

The Unionville Sports Council is planning to donate $35,000 to the Unionville Chadds Ford School District to assist in building a new ticket booth and entrance at the new sports complex.

The money comes from donations sent in more than three years ago for USC’s “Get On The Wall” program. That program promised contributors recognition in the way of having their names inscribed on bricks on a wall at the entrance to the sports complex.

But that was three years ago, and much has changed.


Joe Carney, USC president, said the organization wanted to wait until the renovations at Unionville High School were complete until deciding where recognition would occur.

“There have been many changes after working with the school board for the past three years,” Carney said. “Since then, there has been conversation about moving the entrance of the stadium to another location. A wall near the current entrance would not make much sense to be there if they (the school board) would move the entrance.”

Carney said he hopes the project will start in the summer of 2013. But he acknowledged the USC is still in discussions with the school board on the issue.

The USC received more than $200,000 from its initial fund-raising program. USC has since donated $150,000 to the high school.

“There’s still a concern on the (school) board with naming rights,” Carney said. “But the entire board and the entire administration has always been supportive in recognizing donors to the field. But there’s been a reservation from one level to another where that recognition should be and if it sets a precedent.”

In a letter sent last week to USC donors, Carney said: “The administration and the UCFSD board have decided that a new stadium entrance was in the best interest of logistics and safety for all those involved in participating in field events. USC then saw this as an opportunity to integrate recognition plans with this new entrance, and save the district some money at the same time. USC has held a portion of your donor funds in reserve (approximately $48,000), with the eventual intention to fund the recognition, and give the balance to the district for other special programs.”

The plan now, Carney said, is for donors to be recognized by way of paver bricks (of different sizes and patterns, depending on contribution) that would be installed near the Unionville sports complex entrance.

“Pavers are more subtle than plaques across a wall,” Carney said. “This is more amenable as far as a plan goes.”

Unionville Sports Council donors:

$20,000 +

Exelon Generation , and Hank & Mary Davis


Southern Chester County Soccer Association, and The Minella Family

$5,000 +

Unionville Recreation Association , the Gades family, and the McClaskey family


Jeffrey Sommer, and UHS Girls Lacrosse Booster Club

$2,000 +

Perry and Tracey Beberman, Lisicky Family, Ed & Denise Pierson, Scott & Heidi Brown, Eric and Amy Berg, and Fulginiti Family/UPS

$1,000 + Families

Abens, Bacci, Beckman, G. Bernstein, Breeding, Kathy Brown, D. Carlino, M. Carlino, Close, C. Curtis, D’Allaird, Do, Dupuis, Ellsworth, Felter, Galer, J. Gill, Hartsky, Haskell, Heyman, Hinckley, Hissey, Horne, R. Hughes, R. Johnson, R. Jones Kurey, Ledyard, Letang, J. Liska , Lloyd Maguire M. Malone D. Martin, McEvoy, Micklin, B. Murray, Ott, Sharon Parker, Pfizer Inc., Piper Racobaldo, Rassias, D. Scott, K. Smith, S. Stewart, J. Taylor, R. Temple, Thaeder, Topp, Tri-M Group, A. Walter, Warner, J. Welch, Zubillaga.

Also, Unionville Quarterback Club, Unionville High School PTO, Unionvillle Marching Band Boosters, Unionville-Chadds Ford Education Foundation, Unionville Football/Lacrosse Coaches-The Lloyds. Charles F. Patton PTO.

$250 + Families

Andes, Apicella, Astarita, Bailkin, Barnes, Barrett, Bates, Beauchamp, Biniasz, Boeni, Boyle, Brittingham, C. Brown, Bucci, Camp, L. Caputo. R. Carson, G. Carter, P. Clarke, Cross, Dempsey, Denning, Donovan, R.Dougherty, Faux, Fieles, Fischer, R. Fisher, Fortunato, S. Fulton, Gausch, Geiger, Guarino, K. Hagerty, Halkowski, Hendrix, Hoge, Holcomb, Hollinger, Insetta, Jochums, Joseph, Kinane, Knight, Koehler, Kountz, Lacy, Ladow, T. Lane, Leiser, Linthicum, Loundas, T. Malone, Manin, Manne, Margolin, Massih, G. Masters, Maye, G. McShane, Montgomery, J. Murphy, M. Murphy , Narun, Nash, Newbrough, Newman, J. Nichols, Oeste, O’ Neill, Pancoast, R. Parisi, N. Patton, Pelegrin, Peters, Pokorny, Popeo, Primera, Reichle, Riondet, C. Robertson, Robidoux , Saran, Schaller, Schriver, Springer, Stabler, Stanton, Towler, Ventura, Volk, T. Walsh, Weber, Wenzel, Woodman, Wylie, Zorab.

Also, Mom’s Club of Chadds Ford, UHS Diamond Club, Astra Zeneca and Wachovia.