Avon Grove High Marching Band sweeps championships

Courtesy photo
The Avon Grove Marching Band.
Courtesy photo The Avon Grove Marching Band.

For the first time, the Avon Grove High School Marching Band and Color Guard captured the first place title at the Cavalcade of Bands Championships held Nov. 11 at Hershey Park Stadium.

In addition, the AG Band swept every competitive subcategory, winning every “best of” award possible including Best Music, Best Visual Performance, Best Overall Effect, Best Auxiliary/Color Guard, and Best Percussion.

AG’s 2012 show is called “Nevermore” and is based upon the poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe. The music is an original three movement composition by Key Poulan. According to the program description, the band explores the tension and mystery of the poem, which is about a talking raven that perches on a statue and visits with a man who is mourning the loss of his love. The man battles between his desires to both forget and remember.

“Congratulations to all band members on developing high-level skills and working so hard to make this the most successful season the AG Band has ever experienced,” said Rebecca Staznik, AG’s director of bands.