Obama continues to pass the buck on the ecomony

This election is going to be all about the economy, and the President Obama still doesn’t get it. He continues to pass the buck and complain that these problems took decades to create, so he can’t possibly fix them in four years. My own favorites are “It’s George Bush’s fault,” “The private sector is doing fine” and incredibly, “We’ve started to turn the corner.”

The “decades to create” comment is sheer nonsense. Bill Clinton worked with a Republican Congress for six years and left office with a 4.2 percent unemployment with federal spending at 18 percent of GDP.

That doesn’t seem like government spending is the key to prosperity. President Clinton even reduced capital gains taxes in 1997, and the stock market boomed during the dot com era. President Obama today would call that tax cuts for the rich, but the result was bringing in more revenue to the government which helped balance the federal budget.

George Bush was reelected in 2004 with an unemployment rate at 5.4 percent after guiding the country through the aftermath of 9/11. Incredibly, when the Democrats took charge of Congress in January 2007, unemployment was only 4.6 percent and the budget deficit was down to $248 billion.


We only have to go back six years to find the source of our problems. That is when Democrats Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi took control of Congress. Since then, federal spending and deficits have grown out of control and no country has ever taxed and spent its way to prosperity. The only idea President Obama is left with is tax the rich, but this would barely put a dent in our deficit and do absolutely nothing to create jobs.

After another dismal jobs report, we’re left with the sad fact that unemployment is still above 8 percent, and people continue to flee the job market. Another 360,000 people gave up looking for work last month alone, and all told, we’re approaching 8 million of our fellow citizens who have given up looking since President Obama took office. That is a direct indictment of his policies. I wonder if those 8 million people think we have “turned the corner.” This isn’t hope and change; this is sad and tired.

Real leaders take responsibility and all we get from President Obama are excuses. How can we expect things to change if we don’t give someone else a try? Our country faces many challenges in the immediate future, and Mitt Romney appears to be a serious and capable leader. For the sake of our country, it is time to for us to put an end to Obama’s failed policies.

Doug Kaucic

West Grove, PA