Renowned anti-bullying expert Brooks Gibbs is coming to Unionville-Chadds Ford Schools, May 7 & 8

Brooks Gibbs
Brooks Gibbs

One of the nation’s top school bullying experts, who notes that school bullying doesn’t just harm victims, will bring his powerful message to students and parents in the Unionville – Chadds Ford School District in May.

Nationally-known lecturer and author Brooks Gibbs will speak to all middle school students and staff at the Charles F. Patton Middle School on May 8th. Brooks’ program was awarded to the district through the efforts of a Unionville High School student. His nationwide tour of middle schools is sponsored by Office Depot and the band One Direction. An event for parents and high school students is scheduled for May 7th at 7pm in the Unionville High School Auditorium; made possible by a grant from the Unionville-Chadds Ford Education Foundation.

The Nashville-based Brooks is coming to share his insights on how bullying harms victims, bullies, and the 60% of kids who witness some bullying at school at least once a day. For more than a decade Gibbs has pioneered easy and effective methods to teach victims of bullying the skills they need not just to survive, but to thrive.

His effectiveness has earned him a reputation as the world’s leading trainer for victims of bullying with a flair for imparting serious issues through “teen speak.” Gibbs compassionate understanding of the pressures and temptations teens are exposed to is rooted in his own dysfunctional upbringing.


With a direct and non-judgmental communication style and compelling content, he connects with youth on a visceral level as he shares his transformative story with honesty and wry humor.

As creator of the Bully Proof Program, Gibbs has empowered hundreds of thousands of kids to build the self-reliance and resilience they need to solve their social problems without adult intervention; with an emphasis on developing iron-clad social skills impervious to verbal abuse.

He is also the author of Love is Greater Than Hate, and has been featured in Teen People Magazine, The Washington Post, and interviewed on CBS.

His uncommon sense approach to preventing bullying is a breath of fresh air for many schools and parents.