Full-time police officer hired in Kennett Square

Photo by Fran Maye Kennett Square Mayor Matt Fetick (right) swears in new full-time police officer Jeremiah Boyer.
Photo by Fran Maye Officers from the Kennett Square Police department, with new full-time officer Jeremiah Boyer (second from right).



Jeremiah Boyer was sworn in last week as Kennett Square’s newest full-time police officer. But getting that job proved to be tougher than Boyer ever imagined.

Boyer was a part-time officer for the department, and when a full-time position opened, he really wanted it, especially since he has strong ties to the community. But like all municipal police departments, a full-time position is governed by the Civil Service Commission. Boyer would need to pass physical and psychological tests.

For Boyer, a U.S. Army veteran with a master’s degree in elementary education at Lincoln University, it was a breeze.


“I am thrilled to keep officer Boyer from part-time to full-time,” said Matt Fetick, mayor. “I love it when one of our part-time officers succeeds.”

Ed Zunino, Kennett Square police chief, called Boyer a family man with deep roots in Kennett Square. He said Boyer was very goal oriented.

In addition to part-time work at Kennett Square, Boyer was also a part-time officer with Westtown-East Goshen police department. Officers from both departments were on hand as Boyer was sworn into office by Fetick. His five-year-old daughter, IIana, held the Bible.

Boyer lives in West Chyester with his wife and two children. He is a certified emergency medical technician.

Zunino said he went to school with Boyer’s father, and worked in the police department at one time with two of Boyer’s relatives.

After he was sworn in, Boyer shook hands with every member of council. Leon Spencer, council president, abstained from the vote because he said he is related to Boyer.